TERASWARTA Travel| Yogyakarta is acity that was never out of the glance of the eye to look at the  ranging from tourist attractions, culture, culinarystudents and thecity name attached to it.
When you visit in this city feels incompleteif you do notenjoy every viewpointin Yogyakarta Malioborostreet, where youcan find a lot ofthings that can be purchased as souvenirs rangingfrom batik clothingto a wide assortment of unique and creativecrafts with pricewill be affordable by our pockets.
On the other side of this famous Malioboro street there anything interesting that comes in the evenings, especially on weekends. Nowadays people used to call it the point0″ yogyakarta. This point is a point located at the intersectionof the post office yogyakarta


On weekends you will enjoy the lively atmosphere of the night by a widevariety of activities and their young in it. began just hanging out or even joking with communities.
At point 0″ is nodifferent from the present community of photographylovers community, bicycle, BMX bike, or other uniquecommunities also becomea wonderful phenomenon in its own to enjoy.

Point 0″ Jogja in the evening willbe a wonderful pointto your ownis worth the visitin your streetswhen the city of Yogyakarta. (
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