Pottery Center Kasongan

Kasongan – teraswarta
TERASWARTA – Manca | If you visit Indonesia. there is an appropriate place for your visit. A place that became especially ceramic craft center.
To reach the site is not difficult. you can choose some alternative way to achieve kasongan village located in the district of Bantul. Was not far from the main road link between the city of Yogyakarta and Bantul.
There are many things that can be found ranging from knick-knacks decoration to beautify themselves like Bross, earrings, bracelets to decorate the room like ceramics.
Loro Blonyo statue is one of the statues that are typical of this pottery village center industry. a sculpture depicting a bride and groom complete with Javanese traditional clothes and trimmings. Even when it’s been made with a variety of styles. Would be wonderful if you take it to your country and then you display in the room that could be seen by every visitor who comes to your home.
Many works of art that have been produced from the center of the pottery industry. Which has spread almost all over the world. a work of hand craft workers.
In this kasongan you certainly will not be confused to find where to get a variety of pottery products because there are a lot of show room that offers its flagship product. You just walk around  to look for what appeals to you take it to your country. Souvenirs that I think you deserve to take when visiting Indonesia especially Yogyakarta. kasongan is a place that you do not forget to visit. (chipriant)