Kartini beach with the turtle building

Kartini Beach
Kartini Beach is very well known in the district of Jepara in Central Java . In addition to using the name of the heroine of the most influential on the progress of this woman , Kartini Beach is also famous Magic Tortoise or turtle is a very large area of ​​the beach . Or Tortoise turtle was not a building but a living animal is a symbol or emblem of majesty and beauty of the beach dwellers Kartini . This beach is located 2.5 km to the west of Jepara Regency Hall is located in the district Fur village in Jepara , Central Java .
Various supporting facilities such as docks , most aquarium turtles , motels , children’s games ( carousel , bath balls , boat currents ) , and others have been available for the visitors .
Turtle Sights Ocean Park in Jepara Kartini Beach is a vehicle for family travel and has been officially opened by the Regent of Jepara on Tuesday , 22 February 2011. Banguan Turtle consists of 2 floors which functioned as a marine park on the lower floor and other supporting facilities upstairs .
Idea / notion of initial construction of Giant Tortoises in order to Kartini Beach is an icon of tourism in Jepara as well as monumental buildings that can lift the image of Jepara in national and international arena .
Sea in the district of Jepara , especially Karimunjawa is endemic marine wildlife hawksbill is pretty special . Even as a preservation effort , on the island of Menjangan Besar where there are breeding hawksbill hawksbill tiller release ( hatchlings ) to serve the high seas is quite interesting tourist event . As we care about this hawksbill Lestarinya Jepara regency government chose it as the icon for the division of labor.
Downstairs Tortoises building that functioned as a marine park consists of a large aquarium (main tank ) that contains a large fish of the species : Sharks , Hawksbill , Pari , Giant Trafelly ( GT ) , snapper , grouper , Jenaha , Trigger , Mimi & Twins , Pufferfish , and other fish species . Aquarium wall amounted to 12 pieces and 4 pieces of aquarium table ( portable ) contains several species of marine fish and freshwater fish are small and medium .
There is also a 1 piece pool touch ( touch pool ) which contains primarily freshwater fish communities turtle tame that can be held by the visitors . And the most special is fish therapy ( fish spa ) containing thousands of Garra Rufa fish from Turkey .
The front part of the lower floor is used as the entrance and exit , where ticket sales , and a few souvenir stalls Jepara .
The atmosphere around the beach which is quite cool indeed gives a distinct impression for visitors , so this place is perfect for families or casual recreation lainnya.Kawasan with 3.5 ha of land is a strategic area , because as sea transportation to tourism park Karimunjawa National ocean and Long Island . Now also available means of transportation to the Publications of the KMP Kartini Beach pier . Moriah ( travel time 6 hours ) and Fast Ship Kartini I ( travel time 2.5 hours ) .
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