Baron Beach

TERASWARTA – Tourism World | Baron Beach, the most popular beaches in Gunungkidul, because this beach is the first beach that would be encountered if visiting tenderly kissed cluster of marine and inland, coastal tourism symbol of elegance Gunungkidul. Ranks of Baron, Kukup Beach, Beach Along, Beach Sundak lined Krakal and there, pampering guests will hubbub heart peace carrier waves.


Baron beach is located in the village of Kemadang, Tanjungsari District, about 20 km south of the city Wonosari (40 km from the city of Yogyakarta). Beaches to witness the meeting between sea water and fresh water, which is the result of a river which empties into the corner of the beach baron, as a symbol of two hearts berpadunya although with different backgrounds.


The tourists will be spoiled with the beauty of the wind that drove waves tuk making out with sand, so patiently waiting for her lover. Baron wealth outcomes such as large shrimp (lobster), white pomfret, snapper, tuna is ready to pamper guests, whether they are fresh or ready to eat. As a recommendation, here is a menu mainstay Snapper Soup.


One moment that passed was very dear Alms Sea Ceremony organized by the local fishing community every month suro in Javanese calendar, as an expression of gratitude to God Almighty for an abundance of seafood that has been given.